El Pepito was born one night in the summer of 2020 over a few glasses of wine (like all good things), but the idea for El Pepito was conceived 10 years ago when Kathryn and Francisco (aka Pep), brother and sister-in-law to be, met in Granada, Spain. 

“I bought a Spanish bowl in a market and said he should import these beautiful ceramics to the UK.  Over the years, we kept coming back to this idea and finally, with time being the only benefit of a national lockdown, we have finally put the wheels in motion…” (Kathryn).

The traditional artisanal pottery of Granada is called ‘fajalauza’. These designs form one of the many elements of Moorish design and architecture that the city is famous for that continues to guide and inspire artists, designers and architects all over the world 500 years later.

The processes for the fajalauza method of production have remained largely unchanged, with each piece still being made and painted by hand. In recent years, more elaborate and colourful designs have become available.  

“I’m proudly from the beautiful city of Granada, the land of the Alhambra, great people and the best tapas. Since I moved to London a few years ago I always wanted to bring the best of Spain with me for the people in the UK to enjoy. “ (Pep).

El Pepito Alhambra Granada Ceramics

Using Francisco’s connections in Granada, we have been able to develop a relationship with one of the smaller traditional manufacturers of the city who will work with us to recreate these unique pieces in tailored colours and designs that are true to their history and provenance, and sustainable in their production and delivery.

We are in the process of creating and curating a range of homewares that retain the authenticity and provenance of Andalusia that will bring some much-needed Mediterranean nostalgia to your home.

Our first product is our lebrillos de fajalauza, featured in Saint Laurent’s home in Tangier, Veere Grenney’s house in Tangier (featured in AD) and were recently used to decorate the Loewe store in Barcelona.

El Pepito Lebrillos ceramic bowls

They are a stunning centre piece and we hope you love them as much as we do!

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¡Hasta pronto!

Kathryn & Pep